Central Library

The Central Library falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Education, Human Resource,Development and Labour and is the headquarters of the public library system in Saint Lucia.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library visits each respective community once per-week for two and a half hours.

Library Management System(LMS) Training

Librarians train to build their abilities in library management system(LMS), comprehend skills of what they have learnt and refine these skills to improve work efficiency.

Support our libraries!

We are hoping to raise funds with this GoFundMe page to help cover shipping and handling charges for the books from International Book Bank(IBB).

Our newly opened Computer Room!

Come in enjoy the comfort and free internet access to all. Big thank you to (NTRC) National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. Bridging the gap between rich and poor providing a service to our community.

Opening hours

Due to Covid-19, our new opening hours are from 9am - 3pm. 

  • Access a world of Classic books
  • Research books, magazines 
  • and Learn a new language with Rosetta Stone)
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Username: slupl.edu.lc
Password: @library2day

VIrtual Library During COVID-19

  • Research Database
  • Flipster Magazine
  • Rosetta Stone (To learn a new language)            
Just enter the following information below 
      • User ID: slupl.edu.lc    
      • Password: @library2day      

eClassic Books Available on EBSCO

List of eClassic Books available on EBSCO 
Enjoy Reading !!
  1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
  2. The Invisible Man
  3. Common Sense
  4. Paradise Lost
  5. Daisy Miller
  6. Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass
  7. A Tale of Two Cities
  8. The Red Badge of Courage
  9. Heart of Darkness
  10. Up from Slavery
  11. On Liberty
  12. An Occurrence of Owl Creek Bridge
  13. The Jungle
  14. Anthem
  15. The Republic 
  16. Great Expectations
  17. The Complete Poetic Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  18. Pride & Prejudice
  19. The Call of the Wild
  20. Leaves of Grass
  21. Moby Dick
  22. The last of the Mohicans
  23. The Adventures of Huckleburry Finn (Tom Sawyer's Comrade)
  24. The Scarlet Letter
  25. Wuthering Heights



Virtual Library Service during COVID 19

In an effort to continue the business of the library during the quarantine period, the public library, in collaboration with EBSCO, is currently providing virtual library and information service to all members of the public, especially to students, teachers and self - directed learners. You are therefore encouraged to visit the St. Lucia Public Library Website  http://www.slupl.edu.lc/2016/05/databases-research-tools.html where a number of features, platforms and resources are available to cater to your information, library and career needs. Content on the website include:

There is something for everyone to cater to your needs and interests. Use your time wisely and constructively while at home – visit the Saint Lucia Public Website at www.slupl.edu.lc., these resources and platforms can be accessed free of charge until June 30. For further information or assistance with accessing these resources call (758) 730 0112/ 489 5497/ 727 4995/ 720 1765/ 488 2390