Join the Library

Residents of all communities are encouraged to register at their public/branch library.

The registration process is as follows:
Children (5 yrs -12 yrs)
(1) Pre-registration
A parent or guardian provides personal contact information, and the name(s) of child/children. Thereafter, a notice is sent from the library to the adult to verify the addresses provided.

(2)Registration day
Parent or guardian must accompany child/children along with the notice and one piece of I.D. to complete the registration process.

Teens/Youth (13 yrs -17 yrs)
Teens/Youth are required to present a birth certificate or school I. D. card, at the time of registration.

Adults (18 yrs)
Adults are required to present to a National I. D. card, passport or vehicular license at the time of registration.

Transient/Visitor Registration
Visitors are required to provide a deposit of EC$50 (which will be refunded), provided that any book(s) loaned has been returned to the library.